View Full Version : Old Colt Price Question

11-30-2012, 6:52 AM
I was given a few old guns by my father to sell and I am not really sure on what the fair market value is for them. I have checked gunbroker and a few other sites and have come up with nothing that is solid to go on.
1. One is a colt shooting master in 357 6 inch barrel and from the serial 341XXX it looks to be from 1930's and is in +95% condition based on my eye.
2. Colt DA 38 serial 5XXX with a 6 inch barrel. The condition is around 80%????, some of the bluing is worn off the barrel and chamber as well as a few dings on barrel.
I can provide more pictures if it will help. I will offer them both for sale after your help finding a fair price on both of the guns. if you would like make an offer now that is fair you will be the first that I PM when the guns go up for sale in.
Thanks For Your Help