View Full Version : Iver Johnson 1911

11-30-2012, 1:55 AM
Does anyone here own an Iver Johnson 1911 in .45? I saw one with green cerakote finish and thought the price was reasonable, but then the new Iver Johnson is not the original company so I was hesitant to buy the gun. How reliable is the gun? Is it reliable with Chip McCormick magazines? Does it feed SWC bullets reliably?

11-30-2012, 3:56 AM
The reviews I've read have been mostly favorable, but not without some issues during break-in. The Cerakote finshes on some models are a nice touch. However the fact that they put extended slide stops on some models tells me Iver Johnson didn't spec everything properly when they had it "made to our specs and our design".

I'm concerned since I can't seem to find what their warranty is on their websight, or where you send the pistol for warranty repairs. Although made in the Phillipines, it's not made by Armscorp, its made by SAMs.

Personally if I was after a low budget 1911 I would go with a RIA tactical based upon their customer service and life time warranty. RIA is selling a lot of pistols, I think their prospects for being around for the long haul might be better than Iver Johnson. YMMV