View Full Version : Know of anyone doing SSE's for CZ P-06 or 97B (glossy blue)??? Thinking of selling.

11-29-2012, 6:35 PM
Thinking it might be time to sell my P-06 (which is a P-01 in .40 S&W) and 97B, which is the awesome and limited Glossy Blue version. Unfortunately, neither is on the Roster. The 97B in polycoat is, and the P-01 is... Frankly, I think any dealer would assume the 97B was "black" like the Roster says, as the glossy blue looks like black chrome, but technically it isn't the right SKU (although it isn't on the box, manual, or gun anywhere of course).

ANYWAY... getting to the meat of the question here: do any shops in CA do SSE's for either of these guns? I'd like to list them in the classifieds here, but may not bother since they're off Roster.

Edit: also if there's anyone out-of-state (a la Table Rock Arms) who does it, that's helpful as well.



11-29-2012, 7:21 PM
I might buy your P-06. Can't Ryan at table rock do the SSE conversion?

11-29-2012, 7:30 PM
Well that would be awesome; I'd love to sell it to you. According to their website, TBE hasn't been doing SSE stuff for quite some time. OH!!!.... well, I hadn't checked in a couple/few weeks. For months they said they weren't doing them, but now it seems like they are. I'll call them up tomorrow and see if they can do a P-06. I'm not so sure it's common enough that they'd have a barrel in stock, but I'll check to see if my SP-01 barrel will fit in there (call it a 9mm conversion, and I know they have SP-01 barrels).

Anyway... will let you know. Thanks for prompting me to check their site hahaha