View Full Version : Sights, help needed once again...grrr

11-28-2012, 11:33 AM
Hey gents, so I have an M&P pro... fully custom:) ready to go. I had a .160 x .100 Dawson front post on it with some 10-8 U-notch rear sights. It looked bad *** and was FAST!!

The problem is I shoot only for fun, and with friends... No speed, no running around... I want pure precision and accuracy and with the sights I had, it just didnt happen.

I am looking for a set of sights to fit that need... I dont care if they are night sights, fiber optics, 3 dot, 2 dot, big dot, weird triangle, etc... This is NOT a carry gun either. All I want is to have precision shooting and stack 3" groups at 15-30 yards (yes I am capable of this and so is the gun). I shoot these with my 1911's all day and even though this isnt a fair comparison it should be achievable because I shoot this with my Glock 34 with factory sights all day.

I need some precision target type sights... what do I get?
- .125 Dawson F/O front with Dawson adjustable rear (or fixed)?
- All black front post with fixed rear
- Night sights?

More specs on the pistol:
- Slide was lightened (just for fun)
- Slide was blasted, buffed and chromed
- All parts are changed out with Apex parts
- AEK trigger is getting polished to match slide
-I have a Carver Comp that is not pictured
-I also have a ported storm lake barrel not pictured

Give me some help here...

Here are a few picture of my pistol with the sights taken off:)
**Sorry for the crappy pics, these were taken with my phone**