View Full Version : Can I build a Mac 10 in CA?

07-29-2007, 9:30 PM
Okay, I know they're crappy horrible little guns, but I love them. So, with that said, please don't post "they're crappy don't buy one." I like building things, it gives me a sense of accomplishment my mindless job does not.

So, can I build one from a flat (like an AK) or welding side plates to a center section (similar to a 1919) so long as it doesn't have SB23 features for a pistol? I also have no plans to manufacture nor sell the one I would make.

For reference, here's the flat (https://www.onlinesecureordering.com/700.html) and here's the weldable side plate (https://www.onlinesecureordering.com/674.html) and center section (https://www.onlinesecureordering.com/672.html)

Has anyone sent a letter to the DOJ asking about the legality of this?

07-29-2007, 10:12 PM
Yes you can (just call it something different and make sure you follow state and federal laws regarding puting a serial number on it) additionally I would stamp it NOT FOR TRANSFER. oh and you can NOT buld an open bolt pistol, you have to build it from a closed bolt kit.

I have a fun little AJAX ARMS, PM11 clone that I built. Its a fun project, but the entire action works based on a horrid trigger slap, so after a day shooting it you're hand is basicly numb.

still alot of fun to put togeather.