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11-20-2012, 3:50 PM
Last week I brought home of a new GSG 1911 22 pistol that I purchased at Triple A Sporting Goods in Vallejo. But before going out to shoot, I followed the advice of the dealer and others on this forum, cleaned it and thoroughly lubed all moving parts.

At the range I had my new GSG and a Ruger SR 22, my other rimfire pistol. I shot 280 rounds in total; 100 rounds with the Ruger and 180 with the GSG. I shot almost equal amounts of Blazers and Aguila Super Extra and Im happy to say that I did not have a single problem with either of the two pistols.

Shooting at a target 15 yards away, I lined up the GSG 1911 sights with the bottom of the bulls eye (which is how I shoot the SR22), the GSG consistently shot well below the target. The package comes with three front sights. The factory fitted my gun with the tallest of the three, which is the reason for the gun shooting low. Ive already replaced the front sight with the next smaller one. Its an easy job requiring about 60 seconds using the tiny wrench that comes with the package.

Comparing targets at the end of the shoot, I found the GSGs grouping tighter than the SR22s. Once the sights are dialed-in, I expect to be more accurate with the GSG than with the SR22.

Between the two guns, I like the feeling of the GSG better. It feels more balanced in my hands, it is larger and heavier that the SR22 and steadier during shooting. By comparison, the smaller and lighter SR22 feels more like a toy. Recoil is minimal with both guns but it upsets the SR22 more than the GSG; as a result, target re-acquisition was not as quick with the SR22 as with the GSG 1911. But this is very subjective and others may not experience the same results.

Long term reliability is something that I worry about with the GSG as I have read several negative reports relating to guide rod failures, accelerated wear and other problems. I was told by the dealer that most past issues have been resolved by the factory, but time will tell.

I have been very pleased with my Ruger SR22 reliability. Ive owned it for about 6 months and shot over 3,000 rounds with only few FTFs that were most likely ammo related.

To sum it up, Im happy with my new purchase. The GSG 1911 is fun to shoot, well balanced, nice looking (except for those stupid CYA info written all over the gun) and has fooled more than one person into thinking its a .45.

11-22-2012, 8:00 AM
I have had one for a month now and have put 2500 rounds through it and I love it.
I just upgraded with some enhancement parts from http://www.cwaccessories.com/
If you look at the barrel it sits on the bottom of the bushing. Also keep checking the screw it will get lose real quick and this will affect the barrel movement. With the parts from cw the bushing is tighter and centers the barrel.

11-22-2012, 6:05 PM
Replace the guide rod, spring cap and barrel bushing. http://www.cwaccessories.com/Products.html

11-23-2012, 8:49 PM
Thanks for the recommendation scsurfer and fmunk. Have you seen any improvements in accuracy after the upgrade?