View Full Version : Browning (Winchester) 52

11-19-2012, 6:05 PM
After spending 3 days walking around the Reno Gun Show and almost buying a few guns, including a plain looking Browning 52 for about $600.00, I hit Cabela's on the way back and spotted a nicer Browning 52 in their used gun section. Cost was about $80.00 less, the wood was nicer and a set of Browning marked bases and rings was included with the box.

I have a fair number of 22s to include a pre-war Winchester 75, I believe this Browning is a 1990s reissue of the Winchester 52B. Does anyone have one, tell me what it might like for ammo (standard velocity, 40 grain, 32 grain?) and if the forend screw does anything at all for accuracy? I read that the trigger is adjustable - difficult to do or easy?

I plan on using this for 50 and 100 td target shooting, I'm thinking a fixed Leupold 24X or a 6 to 24X variable?

CS Sports
11-20-2012, 7:34 AM
I have one. Great little rifle. It shoots most quality ammo well, the fore end screw only seems to screw up accuracy, and the trigger is very easy to adjust.

Scope bases weren't the easiest thing in the world to find at the time I bought mine.