View Full Version : "This Canyon Cleaned by CalGuns" sign. Where can I get these?

c good
11-12-2012, 7:09 AM
I spent some time in the desert this past Sunday at a spot where we've been shooting at for 25 years. It is hard to get to (4 wheel drive) and way out there but Some DIRTBAGS finally found it and trashed the place. I cleaned up as much as I could and will be returning next weekend to finish it up with my truck. Where can I buy some of these signs? I would like the other's to know that the stuff doesn't just magically disappear and who is responsible for the cleanup. May they'll get the hint.....finger's crossed. Thanks, c good

11-13-2012, 6:20 PM
PM Eat Dirt, he had the first ones made. I don't know how many he has on hand but the sign shop can make them for him. Not sure of the cost but he will let you know.

11-17-2012, 4:13 PM
I have a secret spot as well, long drive to Landers. Went last weekend after long hiatus and could not believe all the trash. Not from gunners but people were using it as a dumping ground, hopefully the two dont get confused. Crap like you would see from cleaning out a garage, no bullet holes in anything. Shook my head in shame, losing faith in my fellow man