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Hello folks! My name is Deejay. I live in East Oakland, Ca. I have a small collection for now. An XD40, Rem 870, M&P40 (don't like it). I've been on the hunt for a CZ452 22LR. No luck yet. May also be trading my XD for my preferred choice, Sig P226.
I'm building up my Jeep on spare time and I garden. I don't own a tv, but I have a **** ton of books.

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard !

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Welcome aboard!

Just wondering what you don't like about your M&P? I already have a 226 but was also thinking of getting a M&P (feels more comfortable than the XD but the trigger is crap).

And no my Sig is not available for trades.. ;)

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Howdy Deejay.

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Welcome 07Negative. Your "family" sounds cool. Hope you find tons of good information here on the forums.

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Welcome, good to have you.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome from the panhandle of West Virginia.

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In response to Onegtalon:
It feels really crappy in my hand. The quality I don't like. It feels like a cheap plastic toy. After 400 rounds. I still can't get it to group well. I had a Sig2022 in 9mm. That thing was a POS too.
Of the polymer pistols, I rather like my XD's. I've had 3 so far. 1 9mm and 2 .40. Can't complain about em. The grip is not as nice as my old 226. But for what I call my duty pistol. The XD's I think are great. I've read complaints about em. I know purist put their ego's before logic. But I have never had a cycle failure, misfire, no rust, absolutely zero issues. I use Winchester white box or LoadX. They fire great and I get tight groups to about 25ft.
I have a big palm and short fingers. Everyone else I've come across with similar hands find the XD about as comfortable as I. I teach a lot of women to shoot and use the XD. And for the most part they like it.
For me, the 226 and 229 just fit me like a wetsuite. I also prefer the weight over polymer pistols. Had a 1911 and it was something I wouldn't ever use as a home defense pistol. I've dated women that were like 1911's. Love the look of em and they feel great in the hand.
I sold everything to buy my house and get outa debt. So once I decided to live in East oakland, I started buying again. My budget was much more limited so I didn't get another 226.
If you haven't shoot a XD I would say give it a try. If you find your way in the bay area. Hit me up. You can throw a few hundred rounds through mine.
Thanks everyone!

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Welcome aboard.

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I use to have a CJ7 and I miss it.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome Aboard!:hurray:

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welcome to Calguns Deejay. Glad to have you here. I'm in your neck of the woods maybe I'll see you at the range.
They use to call me DJ... (once.. only once.)

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