View Full Version : sighted in my Aimpoint, tried out some new ammo

07-22-2007, 10:08 PM
Well I took my OLL to Shooter's Paradise here in Oxnard and sighted in my Aimpoint. The range is extremely short, I think it's around 25 meters or something like that, so I will have to sight it in again when I go to Angeles again... Oh well, I had fun! I tried out some Black Hills 68 gr hollowpoint rounds, 50 of them to be exact, and they fired flawlessly! Very consistent and smooth! Next I shot about 60 rounds of the new style 55gr hollowpoint Wolf, and had zero problems. The powder does smell horrible though, but no feeding or extraction problems, and they seemed to be as consistent as the BH, although with such a short range I guess I shouldn't really be making such comparisions! No problems and no funny looks at my OLL, though when I first took it out of my case I had a few people "oohing" and "aahhhing" through the window! :D Anyhow, pretty good experience there at SP in Oxnard, although I will try to make it down to Angeles again next time. I had to pay an outragous price for that stupid lead free pistol ammo for my G35:mad:

Mr. Joshua
07-23-2007, 6:15 AM
Sounds like fun. Where's the pics?