View Full Version : UZI 9mm semi auto bolt, barrel and lower $200 shipped **sold**

11-06-2012, 10:21 PM
sold my uzi which i converted to a .45. so im selling a complete semi auto conversion for your parts kits uzi. this is all you need to convert your parts kist uzi to a semi auto. everything you need is here. even the buffer which is not pictured. the bolt is an imi semi bolt complete with everything like firing pin and extractor and springs. also with a16 inch semi auto barrel. the lower is a semi with everything on there to be legal. no notch for the fulluto carved out no full auto selector. its all semi. these bolts are hard to come by now. mostly all sold out. if not already sold out. i know what i have. $200 is fair since it will come with a barrel and lower. the bolt alone without springs and pins are $139. so your getting a good deal. first one to say ill take it gets it


11-06-2012, 11:16 PM
He sold the parts on other board. I just want to be cleared from this post.

11-07-2012, 5:45 AM
I'll take if the above deal does not work out.

11-07-2012, 9:30 AM
I'll take it 3rd