View Full Version : wtt/wts bipod, scope, powder scale

11-06-2012, 8:18 PM
howdy folks, just started cleaning up the reloading room/closet and have some stuff lying about that just needs to go. not looking for a ton of money, in fact, i'd prefer to trade someone local for a little ammo, brass, powder, bullets, whatever. i've got a sun optics bipod, kinda like a cheap caldwell knockoff, never used, just sat in my closet for a project that never happened. also have a cheap buck ridge 3-9x50 scope. probably cost 20 bucks or something like that. lastly i have a lee powder scale, the beam-type that came with my kit. only used it once i think, or maybe not even that because i got a digital pretty quick. anyhow, for any or all of these items, i'd be happy with a little cash or a box or two of ammo. i'd gladly take anything in an old milsurp caliber, i have most of them, 6.5 swede/jap/carcano, 7.5 swiss/french, 7.7 jap, 7.65arg, 8x56r, 7.62x54r, .303, 7.35, you name it, i probably have it. otherwise, i could use some rifle powder, or some more pedestrian ammo like .45, .38/.357, or .308. if you're local and want some or all of this stuff, i may dig some more stuff out of the closet and we can hook up. if you want it and have a little bit of cash, let me know, i'm unlikely to turn an offer down.