View Full Version : question about a safe after a fire

11-06-2012, 12:18 PM
I did a quick search and didnt find the answer, so here it is... After a house fire, which I think is the biggest threat to my firearms in a safe, close to theft, how would you open a safe with an electronic lock?i would guess the keypad would be destroyed, would it take a locksmith? a sawzall? dynamite?
The reason I ask is I am looking at getting a bigger safe in the next year or two, but I am hesitant on the electronic locks out there, and this is something that I have not seen addressed.

11-06-2012, 1:11 PM
Someone who specializes in the safe. They can drill small holes to get the safe open. And if you bought the safe from a good manufacturer, they'll offer a free replacement warranty.