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07-21-2007, 6:59 AM
Had a great day at the range yesterday with a few firsts for me.

I worked out the mounting problems I was having with my 925 and the crap quality rings I had by swapping them out with some very well priced Leupold split rings. With the scope now lined up straight down the barrel I was good to go for some range time.

I also finally scoped my M1A with a 4.5-14x40 Nikon Buckmasters and all I can say is wow. That thing is ultra clear and sharp, the side adjustment for parallax is nice and it really is bright. I can see where my money went in comparison with my .22 scope.

With both my rifles scoped it was time to head to the range and zero them in. I started at the 25yd with my .22. It didn't take long to dial it in and at the range I was at the wind didn't seem to have much of an affect on the trajectory. Once sighted in, if I held it steady enough, it would consistently hit a dime sized shoot n' see.

Then I got the M1A situated, unfortunately I don't have a bipod on it yet, I just ordered a couple of surplus style stocks since I'm reluctant to try cutting into my factory SA Walnut to mount a swivel as that stock is just too nice to muck up. So for now, I had it on sandbags. Anyway, after not too much effort got it sighted in and moved over to the 50yd line. Did the same process, a little more adjusting and went over to the 100yd.

At the 50yd line the Marlin did experience a little drift due to wind, the .22 is just too light, but it wasn't real bad. A slight windage adjustment and that was back to consistently tight enough patterns to knock out a quarter sized shoot n' see. I love that gun, the accuracy is awesome. I heard it mentioned before I got it that Marlins had tight groups and that is no joke. It is a tack driver, I however am not, so I get a wider group than a good shooter probably could. Anyway, I didn't want to rezero the .22 at 100 as I figure most of the shooting I will do with that will be at 50 and I also worked out the holdover at 100 anyway, more on that in a sec.

So I got the M1A out, zero'd it then realized how awesome the accuracy on that gun is at range as well. Granted, I was shooting off of sandbags, but more or less I'd have the same results off of a bipod I think, at least, I did with the .22. Anyway, a couple pix below. I'm not the best shooter and it was my first time at 100, but the rest of the targets were all the same, I just peeled those 2 off. I also tried sitting and prone, with each position I was only able to get 1 shot inside the shoot n' see (those are 3" btw) so I need to work on that.

At 100 since I didn't want to rezero the .22 so I had to holdover and left since I also didn't feel like mokeying with the windage either. Granted, this is only one of 14 shots, but still, I was pleased.

Anyway, it was an awesome day out yesterday. The weather was great, the range wasn't crowded and my guns were shooting well. What more could I ask for on a day playing hooky. :D

.22 at 100yd, 3" or so holdover and left 1-2" for windage, ya baby





07-21-2007, 7:09 AM
Awesome work...I agree, nothing better than the range on a weekday, it's almost a ghost town.

07-21-2007, 8:19 AM
Lookin good! I like how the case holds the M1A and the 1911. :)

07-21-2007, 8:44 AM
Yeah that's a nice case who makes the case?
I like how the case holds the M1A and the 1911.

07-21-2007, 10:29 AM
thanks :)

the case is a Pelican 1750, retail stores I've seen them selling it for ~$300+/- :eek:

Online they go for $200, I got mine from OpticsPlanet.com for $200 free shipping.

Here's more pictures of the case I took when I first got it:

Here's from when I first started cutting the foam, end of thread has instructions for how to make the hot wire foam cutter I made and used. there are detail pix throughout the thread.

I highly recommend anyone cutting foam to make and use a hotwire foam cutter, look at the 1911 hammer.