View Full Version : Ranges in San Luis Obispo County?

Jed Depew
11-04-2012, 7:11 AM
I have been looking for a free range in San Luis Obispo county, the local pay ranges are a little pricey for regular shooting. But as of yet been unable to locate one so any help would be appreciated.

11-04-2012, 11:22 AM
I don't know of any free ones... If you find one let us know please.

A membership at SLOSA is pretty reasonable in my opinion....

$5 a visit rifle/pistol
$5/round of trap

Used to be able to throw pigeons for yourself at the Rifle Pistol Range which was awesome.

11-04-2012, 6:55 PM
Santa Lucia Sportsmen's Assn. in Atascadero doesn't charge range fees after you become a member. Membership is required for rifle & pistol ranges, but not for trap and skeet. Trap and skeet are open to public Weds. evenings and Sun. mornings. Its been a long time since I've shot trap or skeet, so I don't know what the price per round is. Its a nice range, they've done a lot of improvements lately.
They have a decent website with all membership details, etc.

11-04-2012, 7:07 PM
SLOSA (https://www.slosa.org/) + Hogue Action Pistol Range (https://www.slosa.org/index.php/hogue) for the win. $10 for non members, membership is $50/yr and each visit is $5.


11-04-2012, 7:37 PM
can't beat SLOSA membership. Loved that range when i used to live up there. Great friendly people.

11-05-2012, 6:47 PM
Los Padres National Forest