View Full Version : Scout Rifle Project

07-20-2007, 2:02 PM
I decided that I wanted to build a Scout Rifle for my first gunsmithing project. I'm starting with a Mosin Nagant M38 that's been rearsenaled and rebarreled. The parkerizing is also pretty nice.
I bought an ATI Monte Carlo stock in Mossy Oak camouflage for it from CTD. I'm waiting for it to arrive. In fact I can't pick the rifle up until next Tuesday, but I wanted to start acquiring the parts right away.
I bought a Weaver scope base online at ebay and it's arrived. It mounts between the rear sight tangs. For a scope, I bought a Nikon Monarch extended eye relief 2X20 scope on closeout. :) I won't buy scope rings until I'm actually ready to mount the scope so I know what I specifically need.
So, that's the beginnings of it. When all the bits and pieces are in one place I'll post some pictures of the process for anyone else that's interested.