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11-02-2012, 9:10 PM
When the Ruger 10/22 Take Down first came out, I purchased two of them for $289 each plus tax and fees. I already owned five 10/22s before adding the two 10/22 TDs to my stable. Between the seven 10/22s, five are in stock condition. One 10/22 TD recently got a Kidd drop in “trigger job” kit which dropped the trigger pull from 5lbs 12oz to 2lbs 8oz and I have a stainless 10/22 Carbine that currently wears an ATI stock to adjust the LOP for children and small framed adults. Other than the two modifications, my 10/22s have remained stock and I’ve been satisfied with them as semi-auto plinking rifles.

I really like the 10/22 TD and it has proven to be very reliable with various types of bulk ammo. The locking mechanism is solid (with the adjustment sleeve properly tightened) and I’ve found that it returns to zero fairly well after being taken down and reassembled. I’ve taken the 10/22 TD out to the range on several occasions. I was actually able to take it to and indoor range recently to test out the Kidd drop in “trigger job” and it is quickly becoming my go-to semi-auto rimfire rifle.

There are a few reasons why I like the 10/22 Take Down and would prefer it over the Carbine or the Wal-Mart Special (stainless 20” barrel). The main reason is that the 10/22 TD and be taken down (obviously). This benefits me because the profile of the gun is reduced which allows it to be carried in a discreet carrying case to and from the range or inside my pack while backpacking. Is the 10/22 TD my first option for a backpacking rifle? No, but it is an option and I like having options. The take down option also helps me when I’m car camping and vehicle space is at a minimum when all the gear is loaded up.

I had an old Bushnell 3x-7x Custom that came with a used 10/22 Carbine that I bought a few years ago. It currently sits on my 10/22 TD. It's not the brightest scope but it is light and compact. I've already purchased a few more from EBay to place on my Crickett, Mossberg Half-Pint Plinkster and my second 10/22 TD.

Below are the targets from different range trips. For each target the barrel was taken down and reassembled after every group. Shots were taken standing up at an indoor range using the divider as a support. The targets aren’t great but they’re not bad considering. I will test this gun on a bench when I get a chance.

Here is my 10/22 TD with open sights and stock trigger at 20 yards (10 shot groups). Federal bulk ammo.


Here is my 10/22 TD with a Bushnell 3x-7x Custom .22 and stock trigger at 20 yards (25 shot groups). Target A and C were Federal Bulk ammo and targets B and C were Fed Automatch.


Here is my 10/22 TD with a Bushnell 3x-7x Custom .22 and Kidd drop in “trigger job” kit at 20 yards (10 shot groups). Ammo was Blazer 525 Bulk.


Here is my 10/22 TD with a Bushnell 3x-7x Custom .22 and Kidd drop in “trigger job” kit at 20 yards (10 shot groups). Ammo was Blazer from 50 round boxes except for the bottom left which was Blazer 525 Bulk where I re-sighted my scope. The target in the middle has a flyer that I called.


11-02-2012, 9:49 PM
Ive been wanting a 10/22 td for sometime now. Good stuff. Thank you

11-02-2012, 9:52 PM
My Ruger 10/22 Take Down is in jail until Wednsday, but parts are piling up for it on my desk. Can't wait to take it out to Appleseed with my son.

11-02-2012, 11:12 PM
Nice shooting! We have almost the same gun, only difference is I have some different glass on mine :) Any more upgrades planned?

11-03-2012, 2:00 AM
Nice shooting! We have almost the same gun, only difference is I have some different glass on mine :) Any more upgrades planned?

In the future I may replace the mag release with an old flush mag release and I may dremel the bolt release for the auto bolt release mod. The Kidd drop in "trigger job" kit is nice and worth every penny. I had ordered two kits from Kidd and I'm still wondering which of my 10/22s I should install the second kit. Not sure if I would do any other mods since I use the 10/22 for plinking. If I want more precision then I use my bolt action .22s.

11-03-2012, 3:29 AM
That has got to be my next "new" purchase. If I get one I can finally get rid of my AR-7.

11-03-2012, 5:01 PM
I just bought the 10/22 take down on a whim. I was at turners picking up a lower and I noticed they had it on sale for $299. I had to have it. Now I just have eight days to go...... can't wait to take it out to the range.

11-03-2012, 5:10 PM
i wish i wasnt poor

11-03-2012, 6:46 PM
I've been eyeing this gun for some time now to go along with my new SR22P.

Can anyone recommend a good place/price to get this up in Sacramento Area? Thanks!

11-05-2012, 8:58 AM
nice write up evo. got a takedown myself and enjoy it very much as a first 10/22

Mr. Beretta
11-05-2012, 9:06 AM
Great guns. Thanks for the report!

11-05-2012, 10:27 AM
I was able to take better pictures of the 10/22 TD with the Bushnell 3x-7x Custom for those interested in a compact, light weight scope that fits in the bag when disassembled. As stated above, the Bushnell is not as bright as my Weaver or Leupold 4x scopes but it works well with the 10/22 TD.