View Full Version : WTS: AK74 Bolt carrier / Australian FAL lower

11-02-2012, 5:30 PM
Aussie FAL lower serial number AD6417945. Some minor pitting, mainly as typical on bottom where wood pistol grip would have attached. Selector markings are A, S and R. What you see is what you get. $89 shipped.

Bulgarian AK74 bolt carrer in excellent shape. Does not include bolt. Also I'm including another bolt carrier I have no use for. It is for an AK47 has a serial number of SM 13424 on it. Someone welded a piece of slag probably to restore the FA function but didn't finish would have to have the extra metal removed. Anyhow I'm just including it with the other one would be a shame to toss it or let it just gather dust.SOLD

If you want an item(s) please EMAIL me at xc220@yahoo.com this is better for me than a PM. I prefer but don't require that you put I'll take it in thread. I am happy to provide any pics or info you need but this does not mean I'll take it and does not mean you have "dibs" Items are cross posted. Thanks for looking.