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10-31-2012, 3:23 PM
California Compliant .410 Shotguns

http://www.k-var.com/shop/images/ads/emails/sgl41/sgl4361.png (http://www.k-var.com/shop/SGL43-61.html)

This genuine Russian AK-74 style, .410 caliber, semi-automatic shotgun incorporate all the reliability and distinct features of the AK platform. From the unique AK-74 style muzzle brake to the universally recognized safety lever, the SGL43 has it all. Hand-select premium components, custom-shop-like attention to details by Legion Ltd, and Arsenal, Inc.s highest standards of workmanship, give this shotgun its superior quality.

Originally manufactured in Mother Russia, Arsenal, Inc. remanufactures the SGL43 shotguns in the United States with 922r compliant parts as well as making it California compliant and fills them with features not seen on any other factory Saiga shotgun. Performing the most difficult modifications to achieve, Arsenal, Inc. has done a substantial work for the customer. The end result is the highest quality SGL43 shotgun with the most desired features which have not been available before.

To make this shotgun the perfect Russian AK-74 style shotgun available in the market, Arsenal, Inc. has taken all the necessary steps to ensure all the components and features are true to its original configuration. The receiver of SGL43 shotgun has the proper markings on both sides without any extra commercial markings, including the legendary Izhmash Factory logo, the upward pointing arrow in triangle. The markings on both sides of the receiver are done with the correct font type and size and placed in their proper locations. On the right side, it has correctly positioned notches for the safety lever, marked with letters S and F.

The SGL43 is equipped with the highest quality Arsenal, Inc.s already famed double stage fire control group (hammer, trigger and disconnector). This trigger group is unique in the industry, incorporating never before seen features to eliminate trigger slap. The let-off is crisp, with no creep. Initial trigger pull weight is 3 lbs, and then it becomes 8 lbs at let-off, improving accuracy, performance and shooter comfort.

Arsenal, Inc. dressed the SGL43 with the original Arsenal, Inc. mil-spec polymer furniture, including the handguards with stainless steel heat shield, pistol grip, and the original Warsaw pact length buttstock. The lower handguard is a time proven design and incorporates an industry-first stainless steel heat shield, which has an unmatched heat dissipation performance. The heat shield also incorporates a notch and bump to guide the cleaning rod under the front trunnion. The gas tube incorporates a tension spring to help ensure a snug fit. Both the upper and lower hand guards are made from high tech and reinforced polymers to ensure superior durability and resist cracking and fading.

The SGL43 comes equipped with a standard military scope rail on the left side of the receiver. This rail allows you to install variety of optical devices to your shotgun. In addition, you can install a KV-04S scope mount on this rail, which is available separately at www.k-var.com, and be able to attach any scope of your choice through the Picatinny rail that is on the KV-04S mount.

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