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At Salute Products Inc AR500 Steel Targets (http://www.saluteproducts.com) are available at a special price. You can find a variety of Steel Targets (http://www.saluteproducts.com) at reasonable price here. It is best place for purchasing shooting targets (http://www.saluteproducts.com) online. It is the place for purchasing quality targets (http://www.saluteproducts.com). Salute Products Inc. steel targets are made with high quality AR500 steel and incorporate unique spring-loaded and angle layout technology into their design, making them the only choice for steel targets. By automatically resetting after every shot and deflecting dangerous bullet fragments towards the ground, you are able to shoot more rounds - and at a closer range - than you may have thought possible!. SALUTE Targets are 3/8-inch thick, design cut, and etched for detail. They are made of high quality steel that won't crater, pock, or deform. SALUTE uses AR 500 High-Carbon Steel. The more carbon that is dissolved in the iron, the tougher and less formable the steel becomes. High-Carbon steel's hardness makes it suitable for severe, high-wear applications. AR or "Abrasion Resistant" steel is high-carbon steel. There is no surface treatment or chemical application that can affect the steel's hardness. SALUTE targets are literally armor plate tough!.

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