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07-18-2007, 1:51 PM
Just wanted to say high and introduce myself. I have two springfield XD's and spend a lot of time on XDtalk.com, when I saw the picture threads of peoples AR's I said to myself WHAT IS THAT I must have one, just to learn that Ca sucks for gun people. I was told to check out this site and I am glad I did, there is everything you could ever want to know about building Ca legal setup. People seem very helpfull on this site and help explain things to begginers, It is also seems there are quit a few that go out of there way to help protect the little rights we still have in Ca. Thanks everyone

cell phone pic's

The SoCal Gunner
07-19-2007, 2:17 AM
Those cell phone pics look pretty good. I used to have 2 XDs, an XD9SC and XD40 service in Bi-tone. Only the bi-tone remains.