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A few things I don't really need anymore. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Might be willing to ship.

Cotech Scarabb Winter - $40

Size M. I've been using these for a bit. Never been down in down and they still seem to have a lot of life since I haven't using them for a big while now. Fingers have always been a little long for me. I have the liner pulled out every time so they can breathe.

Teknic Xcelerators - $140
Size S. While I do like these gloves, they also are slightly a bit too loose on the fingers for me, even though they are S. I haven't worn them ever since I got the handroid from knox (which I'm also thinking of selling, but holding off for now). These do have some repairs in two areas on the right hand fingers (you can sort of see it in the pic). Threads came loose on their own. The gloves are still very much functional and protective, though you can have a leather shop have a look over it.

Boots - Sidi vortice in pic not for sale, yet.

Setup Sunrise - Water proof - $40
Size 43. Setup is the old el cheapo sidi brand that was discontinued a few years back. I think part of the issue the stopped selling them here was becuase the zipper were bad. These pairs also have the zipper pull broken off. One side is just replaced with a key ring, while the other needed to have the entire zipper slide replaced. I put on an aftermarket one, but I did damage part of the chain in the process, so I had to sew almost half of it shut so the zipper would work properly.

The zipper now works fine, it's just a tight fit while putting on or removing the boot. The boot itself still protects against water and impacts.

Sidi Vertigo - $150
White in 43. While slightly discolored (It's white after all), it's still in great condition. Unlike the setup, in the same size, the toe box feels a little longer. While I like it and have used it for a few years, I do want to look into something that fits better.


Alpinestars AST-1 - $40
Size M, which means that it's around 32 waist I think. I can't wear it anymore. I honestly don't remember much about these pants, I do know that this is the older version of the AST-1 pants. No armor on them, but you can add your own (the ones that came with were just flimsy foam pads that I lost a long time ago).

Forcefield Pro Pants $100
Size M, which is like 30-32. Again, I can not longer wear it. Older version of the pro pants. A few loose stitches in one of the armor pockets, but nothing big. Never saw commando action.


Alpinestars Spinner Leather Jacket - $150

Pretty uncommon orange and black color way. Size Large and relaxed fit, so it's probably 44-46ish. It's been a bit large for me. No liner vest. Normal wear and tear and small patch discoloration in the back from previous owner. Doesn't look like it was caused from a fall though, as it's a fairly small patch. Probably rubbed against a wall or something. It still looks great though.

Shoulder and elbow are original. I didn't get a back pad with it, though the original was a generic foam one according to the internet. I have a spare Joe rocket one I can include if you really want it, but I'd buy a better back pad.

Dainese Nevada Jacket - $200

Not exactly the right season for it, but this jacket is great for hotter weather. Size 54 US. I bought it in this size since I was told that it fitted like a 42 EU, but that's not really true, it's is sort of like a 44EU. Again, sleeves are too long for me. No back pad came with it, only had elbow and sholder armor.

Shift XC - $40

Size L. The first model of the XC, this is more of an adventure riding jacket. Although it is water resistant, it is not water proof. Has soft type of back pad installed on it, as well as elbow armor.

Older Ku****ani 1 Piece Suit - $150

This is probably a suit from the early 90s. Leather has wear and tear (and some pen markings from previous owner), but is still in great condition and hasn't been down (or so told by the PO). Seems to be true, since there aren't any scuffs to indicate so. I've never been down in it myself, but I've only wore it a couple of time.

One main point is that it lacks any sort of armor. Instead it has thick leather in the impact areas (elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips). I suppose you can add armor yourself, or wear something like armored base layers or strap on armor like I did (I wore forcefield).

The knee sliders are practically brand new

Probably good for someone 5'8"-6' with a 30-31" inseam. Just a guestimate base on my on measurements though. So feel free to come by and try it on.

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