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10-15-2012, 1:47 PM
We at TTM have one main purpose; to serve our customers by providing them high-quality targets, extremely affordable pricing, and fast shipping... all while providing phenomenal customer service. Pretty plain and simple business philosophy. We value the feedback of our customers, which is why we have created a feedback thread on our sub-forum.

We understand we have competition. Competition is good for business... we understand this. However, we will not stoop to unbelievable lows to try to steal business from other vendors. When someone is running a group buy on a particular product, we will never offer the same product (at the same exact time) for a buck or two cheaper to try to steal business. It is just unethical, childish, and unprofessional.

If we will be undersold on pricing because of childish games, then so be it. Keep in mind we refuse to be undersold because of our product quality. We strive to maintain our principles and show respect towards our competition, even when they do not do the same.

When purchasing targets, we hope you take these things in to consideration.


The Target Man, LLC