View Full Version : FS: Remington 700 5R (painted)

10-14-2012, 9:21 PM
Millett TRS-1, illuminated, mil-dot
Harris Bi-Pod S-Series (Swivel) with S-Lock
TacOps Ammo Cheek Pad (OD Green)
Don't remember what rings I had on there.
Carrying case
Cleaning road (w/ ball bearing swivel)
Rifle is painted with acrylic paint and finished off with none-glossy clear coat.
$1700 for everything above


$2000 For everything above and below
approx. 250 bullets of Sierra Match King in .308
half a jug of IMR 4895
1000 Wolf Large Rifle Primer
Lee single stage press W/ Accessories
Forster Ultra National Match Dies .308
RCBS .308 neck sizer
Powder Scale (magnetic)

Hi, Up for sale is my Remington 700 5R, this rifle shoots 1/4" MOA every time! I had this rifle for three years and shot 283 rounds through it. All rounds I have shot through this rifle are with SMK .308 w/ IMR 4895. I really love this rifle but I don't have the time for this rifle any more.
For the rifle and everything attached to it I am asking $1700. For the rifle and all my reloading equipment including powder, bullets and brass (everything you need to reload and shoot 1/4 MOA) I am asking for $2000.

10-14-2012, 9:27 PM
More PIX!