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10-14-2012, 4:43 PM
Hello, I have a Russian SKS I bought back in the day and I wanted to find out if this is on the assault weapons list. Can anyone tell me where I find the full list and what would make my SKS an Assault Weapon so I don't cause any problems as I did not know about the Assault Weapon registration that I should have done back in 2000 and I am just getting back into shooting and pulled my guns out etc. Its a Russian SKS with a Monti Carlo stock, no pistol grip, I have a 30 round mag for it but I have the original 10 round also. DO I have to watch out for anything or am I OK? I got this back in 1989 for $80 via a classified ad and do not have any paper work etc on it. I have had all my other questions answered on my other guns.

Thanks Guys!

10-14-2012, 4:47 PM
This might be of help :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Assault_Weapons_Ban#Criteria_of_an_assault _weapon

kris smith
10-14-2012, 4:47 PM
Put the OG 10 round mag in as long as its a fixed mag setup not the detachable as they are banned by name and you should be good there is a flow chart that is stickied at the top of the Fourm I believe.

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good place to start

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It is generally a good idea to only pose hypotheticals on online forums as opposed to risking veering off into "admission/confession" territory.

CA AWs are banned by make/model, and/or configured features suite.

Guns banned "by name" first occurred in 1989; indivdual specific AR/AK 'series' guns were
added in 2000. Separately, SB23 'by features' ban became active in 2000.

Separate law in late 90s tried to address "SKS-D"/"SKS Cowboy" guns that took detachble
AK47 magazines and which triggered a buyback program, etc.
The 1989 Robert-Roos law bans "SKS with detachable magazine".

Later SB23 law bans semiauto centerfire rifles with even FIXED magazines if the mags hold
over 10 rounds. So don't install those big ol' fixed 30rd 'banana mags' to get out of detachable
magazine territory.
A Russian SKS rifle w/normal stock should NOT have a detachable magazine. Ensure a 10rd
magazine is fitted and is not detachable per regulatory definition by hand (i.e., without use of
a tool or without disassembly of action).
If you do not have proper parts disassemble the gun - remove action from stock, separate parts,
etc. Keep any detach mags well separate.

If anyone inquires about when or where disassembly occurred STFU and call a lawyer. Do not
talk to anyone, you risk self-incrimination.