View Full Version : Need help with scope repair and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM AMERICAN SURPLUS COM

4 Brigada
07-12-2007, 1:42 PM
Hi Everyone,

First does anyone know where I can send a scope to be repaired, the problem is that it has foreign material in it and the windage does not have full travel.

Second I bought this scope from American Surplus Company from Forest Hills TX, its a Nimrod Scope same as the one on the Galil sniper and the M21 and the only reason I bought a surplus scope was because I was assured that they could repair them. After a shooting session actually 4 shots the debris appeared as blue and black areas in the objective. I travel a lot and I have been out of the country for about the last 2 years. I sent in the scope, knowing that is is no longer covered by warranty for them to repair and after almost a month of not returning my calls they just told me that they could not fix it. The person that I talked to DANA assured me that they can fix army, navy,marines equipment , great just cant fix this scope. even ifI asked if the scope was dropped and the lens was broken could you fix that, the response was yes??????? DUH. They sell other optics also such as Izzy surplus Trilux just beware

07-12-2007, 6:33 PM
Contact these people. I know they do repairs on WWII and older scopes. They're in socal.