View Full Version : Just DROS'ed a Noveske N4 Gen 2 Chainsaw Stripped Lowers

10-13-2012, 8:57 PM
I'm excited to start my first AR build. This is going to be a slow methodical process with high quality, high value parts.

I know I paid $100 more than a spikes or stag lower, and all lowers do the same thing and hold parts together, but I chose an N4 gen 2 because of the flared mag well opening, and I do like the look of the Noveske symbol.

Looking at making a 14.5" CQB AR for some run and gun drills, and hopefully, a bomb-proof build. My friends think I'm crazy for going through hundreds of rounds in a day, so I might end up with a noveske upper, or at least one of their barrels.

Any advice for a n00b AR builder?

10-13-2012, 9:02 PM
Nice lower...nothing wrong with Noveske.

I did a gen2 also...liked the look and functionality. Get one of their uppers for your "bomb proof" build. Mine runs flawlessly.