View Full Version : Faux-602 (vintage AR-15 issued to VN Advisors in 1962) PICTURE HEAVY!

10-13-2012, 8:14 PM
Here is the other half of the great erector set parts swap, a faux (or "close enough")-602. It has an ugly Kalifornia compliant bullet button and early Colt 20 with aluminum follower block to 20 with a modified block from Colt factory 5/20 magazine because it would be blasphemy to put a Monsterman grip on it!

My faux-602 Parts list:

NDS 601 lower
SP1 Upper with early door
20" CMP Chrome Bore M16A1 barrel (OK to have later barrel, as this is a shooter)
Young Manufacturing Chrome M16 BCG (wish it was slick side, but at least it is chrome, and it is what I have)
Colt charging handle
Colt XM gray slip ring
Colt lower receiver extension (buffer tube) and Colt buffer and spring
Colt SP1 Lower Parts kit (including trigger guard)
HEAT N Beat: Jerrel's good stuff
early 601/602 bolt catch,
dimple selector,
dimpled take down pin,
dimpled 601 pivot pin.
Ratworxs 601 early flash hider
601 grenade spring
Very nice mottled handguards, pistol grip, and Type D stock with 601/602 swivel
Very sucky Kalifornia compliant bullet button UGH!!!!!
Colt 20 round magazines blocked to 10 rounds for Kalifornia
Early cotton fabric M-1 sling
Early Colt (US manufactured, not German) M7 bayonet with Colt M8A1 sheath
Colt bipod with early pouch







10-13-2012, 8:57 PM
looks nice...the pictures are HUGE though haha