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10-13-2012, 6:21 PM
Surefire SR-D-IT (http://www.surefire.com/remote-dual-switch-for-weaponlight-sr-d-it.html) pressure switch. Click for more info. - $60 firm

I modified mine and cut off the rail grabbers so I can place it between the 12 o clock and 3 o clock position on my rails. Still 100% functional and a super low profile setup. Has hook velcro on the back.

SOLD ON AR15.com

SOLD 2) Larue LT172 QD - Used, barely any wear - $60 shipped firm

This is the mount for the Surefire scout series of lights comes with the two screws no blue loctite or wrench but should already be adjusted properly for use with a Daniel Defense rail. There is some dried loctite on the mount.


SOLD to startedwith1 3) Colt .750 F-marked FSB #1 - $10 shipped

This came off of a Colt SOCOM barrel and is F marked. Suffered a few hits from a BFH (big ****ing hammer) to get the pins out and the finish near the holes are lightly worn.

4) Colt .750 F-marked FSB #2 - $10 shipped

This came off of a Colt 6920 barrel and is F marked. Suffered big blows from a BFH (big ****ing hammer) to get the pins out and the finish near the holes are worn more than #1 but metal is of course still the same shape.

Payments are via Paypal Gift or 3% or USPS money order. Paypal preferred. Delivery confirmation is free for the switch, hand-guard, and Larue mount For all the other items it is on your dime and if you wish to add delivery confirmation add $71 cents to the total and tell me in the PM.



10-14-2012, 3:16 PM
5) New Colt Delta ring assembly minus barrel nut - $25 shipped

This is a take off from a Colt 6920 included is the Delta ring, tension spring, and snap ring. For some reason the delta ring had finish wear from the factory but nothing some birchwood casey can't fix. Still covered in factory grease.





6) New Colt hand guard retaining cap - $7 shipped

Take off from Colt SOCOM barrel, no further explanation. Finish is 100%


SOLD to startedwith1 7) Colt FSB sling mount - $5 shipped

Brand new take off from 6920 but missing the roll pin for one side but can be found online for cheap.


8) Colt carbine double heat shield hand-guards - $30 shipped

Brand new take off from Colt M4A1 upper. Black


9) Magpul MIAD 3 round grip core - 10 shipped

Great for you guys who have the MOE with just the flat insert, you can mod the 3 round grip to fit other things.



10) Pelican 1750 Foam - $20 local only

This is foam from the bottom most layer. From my measurements all 3 layers are the same width but the bottom foam is just 1 inch shorter than the middle foam. Economic choice rather than having to buy all 3 layers for $60 + shipping.

11) Blueforce gear ITW MASH hooks - $6 each shipped.

The real deal, new in 1.25 inches


10-15-2012, 6:30 PM