View Full Version : WTS DWM Luger with WW2 bring back papers.

10-13-2012, 4:26 PM
Make: DWM

Model: Luger

Caliber: 9mm

Location: Van Nuys, LA County

Price: 2700 OBO

Will ship (Yes - buyer covers actual cost, red stripe insured, overnight UPS will be between $60 or $80 - ship to FFL address):
But, I would prefer a FTF - this is a very collectable and high value item, the capture papers themselves, are very old and brittle and I would be concerned shipping them.

Other info:

As so often happens, a piece we cannot live without becomes available when we are strapped. For this reason I am willing to sell one of the jewels of my collection. This is your chance to take advantage of my need to buy large and expensive old items.

This is a DWM made Luger - with holster and two magazines - there is not a take down tool in the holster.
The things that makes this neat package that much more special than most every other Luger you will see, is that it also includes the 1945 Capture/bringback papers.
Listing the Luger by serial number.

This is as good as 401K investment as you will find in firearm collecting, it will steadily increase in value, and you will have something historically significant in your collection.
Check prices on gunbroker, search: capture papers or bring back papers - between $2900 and $4500 for Lugers.

The mags are numbered not matching to the gun, but with period correct wood ends - one mag was left in the holster compartment and has some pitting in the body, cosmetic it does not affect function.
The pistol is in good condition, some of the straw blueing is still visible gold colored on the trigger and take down lever.
There is some age wear to the bluing, but it is minimal and the original dark blue is still very evident.
These look like the original grips, and have no reason not to be - I will not and have not removed them to check.
It is an all matching numbers handgun, of course.
*It is also obviously non-import marked as it is a papered bring-back.

Thank you for looking, feel free to PM me with questions, I will do my best to help.



See minimal wear evidenced in the photograph - it looks better in person, but, I want full disclosure and happy buyers.


The capture papers.
These are very old, and brittle, and I would prefer not to ship this, a FTF would be wisest for all concerned.
There is a drop of paint or something on the holster at the bottom - I have not attempted to clean.
The holster itself has seen it's share of action, but looks nice and is not broken, it is on a display in my collection at the moment.


10-14-2012, 2:20 PM
Dropped $100 off asking price -

The magazines are not matching with the gun:
They are both wood tipped with white metal bodies.
#2560 +
#6342 +
There is no serial numbers on the holster, only:
On top of the chamber: 1916

Under the safety lever: GESICHERT

Top of the toggle pic:


10-17-2012, 5:35 AM
Lot's of PM's about trades - that isn't the reason i am parting with this item - essentially it is to buy something even more cool and rare.


If you have something you think would work in my collection, and are looking to trade for this Luger, please feel free to run it by me.
I collect pre-1945 German firearms - only -
No modern...
No Jap, NO RUSSIAN, no Brit, no US - lol


Good luck and thanks for looking,


10-19-2012, 7:31 PM
My Webley Fosbery sold for $8500 in less than 24 hours here - this Luger in my opinion, is a more collectable more competitively priced firearm - and I've only had lowball offers and trades, lol.

Even if you are not a reference book quoting aficionado, do a prices realized search on Luger's with capture papers, with period holster and mags.

The Luger for sale in this post was dug out of a veteran's closet in Tennessee - it hadn't seen the light of day for sixty years.

Good luck,


10-22-2012, 11:08 AM
Lowering price - $2500 - :surrender:

It would be great to have this sold locally.