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10-13-2012, 11:50 AM
****Sold ****

Bowen Custom Blackhawk

Longhunter built on a Super Blackhawk frame.

44 Mag. Check the Youtube vid I shot of it, it does a better job of picking up the case coloring than my pic:

[b] East Bay


Will ship (Y) :
http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m203/alcmaeon/zzzGunAuctions056.jpgThis .44 magnum revolver started life as a simple Ruger Blackhawk but was reborn in the hands of Hamilton Bowen with his Long Hunter package. The Long Hunter includes a rebarrel with a thick Bowen Custom Arms 5” barrel, a massive 6 round, unfluted, cylinder that can take any heavy duty load of commercial ammo up to and including the biggest Buffalo Bore jumbo rounds, Bowens own sight system, and a full length ejector, recoil proof ejector housing and a reblue.
In addition to the basic Long Hunter package the grip frame was decked, I added in the full action tune, sight regulation and the oversize locking cylinder base pin.
Than Hamilton Bowen had the Turnbull boys color case harden the frame.
Lastly, Dustin Linebaugh of Dustin Linebaugh Custom Conversions handmade and hand fitted the exhibition grade fancy walnut grips.
Mr. Bowen regulated this revolver for the heavy duty 340 grain Buffalo Bore .44 mag ammo. I’ll tell you, that ammo will wake you up. It also made very short work of the one pig I took with it. The beauty of going this way is it still lets me use normal .44 mag or .44 special rounds for cheaper shooting. At least that was my theory. In reality I put about 20 rounds of the big stuff through. I took the one pig and put about 100 rounds of mixed regular .44 rounds through it. And now it sits because my gun interest is elsewhere. Sometimes I pull it out and sort of gaze in wonderment at it. So its time to find it a home where it will get taken for a walk more often.
All told, its about $3000 out the door and almost a year’s wait. It could all be yours for $2000 and no wait. I’ll go $1,800 if sells by Monday the 15th . Need cash not trades. Full FFL on this one. Not desperate as I'm raising a specific amount of cash with some sales and once I reach that point I'll stop selling.

10-13-2012, 11:50 AM
reserved for more guns to sell

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Holy Sold Pending Funds Batman. That breaks my record for selling anything anywhere.