View Full Version : Remington 700 AAC-SD Rusty barrel??

10-12-2012, 8:49 PM
has anyone had an issue with the Remington 700 AAC-SD ??

short version...bought a Remy 700 AAC SD in .308. opened the box up at the dealer for the pre inspection purchase. checked chamber, checked throat, started to check threads on end of barrel, and muzzle was rusted..further inspection revealed the whole barrel rifling was rusted. shop owner pushed a clean swab and it came out brown out the muzzle. hmmmm...

dealer ordered me another. never took possession of the first one. same thing for the second one, however, this one was worse than the first one. it was tearing the cotton on the swab !!! shop owner looked down barrel and was in shock....

now mind you , both rifles were new out of the box. they both came from a popular dealer from Arizona....now, it is realized that it is NOT their fault....as both rifles were new out of the box.

over on the SIGforum...seems to be the same issue.
click here for the link.. (http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/630601935/m/4810003992)
same exact issue....:(

anyone else??

10-12-2012, 8:54 PM
That's really weird... Never head of that issue with any NIB rifle..

Interested on answers and replies..

Although my tactical (pre AAC) does love to rust with my sweaty hands when I fondle her and put her away for a few months. Nothing more than surface that a little oil won't ever cute tho

10-12-2012, 9:14 PM
same here. thats why i posted up. it has been about a month since i had paid for 2 rifles from this dealer and i have been patient. he has been in contact with his rep for the distributor in Arizona....hopefully he has been in contact with Remington aka Freedom Arms Group.

i took it upon myself to contact Remington myself and speak with customer service about it. two things i got out of the conversation with the lady was.....had i taken the rifle home after the DROS, i could have had it sent it for a rebarrel under warranty. perhaps i would have my rifle by now.....

second was that she told me that the AAC-SD rifle is still slated for production for the '4th quarter'....so they are still producing them. i also found out from her that AAC(Advanced Armorment Corp) is a 'sister company' of Remington.

she did tell me that my local dealer would have to get on his rep from arizona to get on Remington. when i ordered my rifle, the Arizona dealer indicated on their website that they had 40 rifles in stock...after my local dealer called the second time, the Arizona dealer rep had ALL the rifles pulled. when i told the Remington Rep i spoke with that, she told me that Remington may have 'credited' the Arizona dealer for the rifles...and may take a bit to restock that Arizona dealer........

ugh..so now what?? ive already paid my local dealer for this rifle, he in turn has already paid the Arizona dealer, and now no rifle....my second rifle i was going to dros at the same time is still at the dealer. i was just trying to save money by dros'ing the two rifles together -a .17hmr and the .308.

i dont hold my local guy at fault at all. he has been nothing but extremely helpful and i bring him some business as well as my own. :)

what would you do??