View Full Version : Basket Weave Leather Duty Gear P226

10-10-2012, 7:53 PM
Make: Safariland/Bianchi

Model: Basket Weave

Caliber: Sig

Location (city or county): Walnut Creek

Price: Price per Piece or $134 total plus shipping

Will ship (Y/N):Y

Other info:

Mostly Safariland Basket Weave Leather Duty Gear. I put myself through the academy and usedall the gear for the 6 month academy. I got picked up by an agency that I can't use basket weave gear thought I would give some one a chance to pick it up half off. All gear i good condition. You can buy it all or I can piece it out.


Holster: Model 6280 Level II mid rise for Sig P226 (New Price $122) Price: $61

Mag pouch Model 77 (New Price $35) Price:$17

Single Cuff Case Model 90 (New Price $26) Price: $13

OC Case Model 38 (New Price $26) Price $13

Baton Ring (New Price $13) Price $6

1.5" Drop holster rig Model 6075YBL-2 NEW IN PACKAGE $18


Outer Duty Belt size 38 (New Price $45) Price $22


Bianchi flashlight holster for Stinger (New Price $14) Price: $7

Take It ALL for $134

10-11-2012, 10:23 AM

Would consider trades....looking for an AR sling, .40 cal, .223, 5.56, 30-06 ammo also AR 5.56 Mags and sig P226 in .40cal Mags. rifle case. open to others.