View Full Version : Noveske N6 .308 quick question

Dark Mod
10-09-2012, 8:11 PM
I have a Noveske N6 with a standard A2 stock on it, but i want to change it to one of the Magpul colapsable varieties.

Do i also need a new buffer, tube, and spring? or can i just switch out the buttstock.

Also will a ar15 buttstock work or does magpul make different ones specifically designed for the .308?

heres a pic if it helps:


10-09-2012, 8:30 PM
The 308 BCG is longer so they do make a specific LR308 buffer tube.

The action spring should be a higher rate spring.

You can use a standard carbine length buffer but I would probably start with an H.

Apparently springco makes a spring that you can use a standard 7" buffer tube and carbine length buffer.


10-09-2012, 8:33 PM
You will need a new buffer and spring specifically designed for using an ar15 extension, in addition to the extension and stock. Armalite makes a collapsible stock extension and buffer for ar10 type rifles, but it is longer and not exactly the best fit for adapting any magpul product. I would search for ar15.com member 'slash' who custom makes buffers and supplies the correct springs, you can waste a lot of money doing it the wrong way. The rifle buffer, spring, and extension are not compatible with any magpul product except the prs stock(if you were going to use a prs stock it won't come with theses -so you would be gtg now with tht setup).