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10-08-2012, 7:19 PM
Sighting in an AK this weekend and came across an issue with the trigger.

During trigger reset, at least 50% of the time, as soon as the trigger would click with the reset during a slow release, the next round would immediately fire. If I held the trigger down after the round went off, then quickly released the trigger, I had no such issue.

Is this just that on the reset, the pull is so light that the residual tension from my finger releasing it is providing enough pull that on the reset I'm actually pulling the trigger again? I haven't been able to take the time to replicate this with dry firing since the weekend, but I'm curious if anyone has had anything similar happen, I have never had this with any other semi-auto gun.

10-08-2012, 7:27 PM
Is this a home built or factory production?

10-08-2012, 7:30 PM
Home build, yugo underfolder kit, Ak builder flat

10-08-2012, 7:33 PM
I've had disconnector issues with tapco FCG's before. Your issue sounds similar. This write-up may help you troubleshoot.


10-08-2012, 7:37 PM
Home build, yugo underfolder kit, Ak builder flat

This may.... be the problem... Not sure how but im noticing most issues with AK's and them acting weird are from home built probably to a simple error...

But my WASR has a G2 and I just dry fired it about 50 times to see if I could get it to do what you explain and I did pull the trigger back 2 times to have it go off again after reset due to it resetting jumping and having me pull slightly and it being such a light pull I fired again...

But once I focused and made sure I didn't flinch and pull back there is a decent amount of play after reset (At least on mine). But there is enough play to where if your feeling for it you feel your self moving the trigger.

I was going to say if home build you probably installed wrong or something but after dry firing my G2 and it catching me off guard the first few times and I actually did pull the trigger out of surprise I think you might have done the same thing and probably with out knowing when the reset happened you felt the trigger let forward and you compromise and it being such a smooth trigger fire off another shot...

When you have time dry fire it and see if that is indeed the issue.. If not you have a pretty serious issue and should get that fixed ASAP.

10-08-2012, 8:26 PM
I've had the same thing happen with a G2 trigger (fired doubles when squeezed gently.) I ended up filing part of the 'tail' that was engaging too soon and doing so gave the trigger more travel. Don't mess the disconnector itself though...

10-08-2012, 9:21 PM
Sounds like the disconnector has insufficient engagemnt.

You can increase engagement by filing under the FRONT of the disconnector a bit so it can pivot forwards a bit more and engage the hammer longer.

I did this one to fix an AK trigger a guy "improved" himself by filing down the tip of the disconnector- it would fire on release sometimes too, until I fixed it.


10-08-2012, 9:49 PM
i concur with all the others here. I've had a problem with my G2 disconnector.. i believe tapco has a warranty on it. I'd just send it in and have them fix the issue.