View Full Version : WTS: Suomi M31 parts including extended barrel, TNW FCG, San Diego (*SOLD*)

10-08-2012, 5:40 AM
Location: San Diego

Shipping: Face to face only

Price: $65 or best offer SOLD

Selling my box of Suomi parts, everything in the pic:
- Misc small parts, pins, screws etc
- Original receiver that was cut with a torch
- Barrel extended to the legal length (16.25") The weld is clean but will not be visible anyway since it is under the barrel shroud
- Drilled barrel shroud to accommodate the extended barrel
- Original stock
- Bolt with fixed firing pin ground off so it won't be confused with a full-auto bolt
- Fire Control Group (FCG) from TNW, includes trigger & hammer in a housing
- Pre-cut side panels, must still be welded to receiver

No sights included unless you really want them, they are attached to a receiver 'project' I was working on (cannot sell the receiver as it is since it is > 80% complete...)


10-09-2012, 6:34 AM