View Full Version : Run a shop? Lot of Transmition filters for sale.

07-09-2007, 7:41 AM
Run a shop? 25 transmission filters Toyota, trucks, fords isuzu ect,So I have 25 Fram Tranny filters. All unused, boxes are dusty a little messed up but complelty new and usuable. I didnt look through all the boxes but it seems everything is thier, ie gasket, o-rings(on ones that are supposed to come with it). $30 for everything. I was getting ready to toss all these because its just taking up space and im cleaning out the garage.


I have 11 FT1045 seems to fit Toyota trucks, some volvos toyota cars isuzu cars and trucks http://www.power-21.com/honeywellpower21i/PartDetail.aspx?b=F&pn=FT1045

12 FT1037 looks like they will fit ford cars and trucks lincoln mercury and meteor URL=http://www.power-21.com/honeywellpower21i/PartDetail.aspx?b=F&pn=FT1037

1 FT1134 GMC/CHEVY trucks some jaguar and isuzu http://www.power-21.com/honeywellpower21i/PartDetail.aspx?b=F&pn=FT1134

and one FT1141 a chrysler dodge eagle and plymouth http://www.power-21.com/honeywellpower21i/PartDetail.aspx?b=F&pn=FT1141