View Full Version : AK RIFLE STOCK SET in sacromento

10-05-2012, 6:30 AM
AK RIFLE STOCK SET - WooD ThumbholE StocK & HandGuardS 150$

This listing is for the original Birch laminate thumbhole stock & Birch handguards that were removed from a WUM-1. The stock, which was made for radial cut PSL type receivers (see Ironwood Designs website for reference), includes the built in sling loop and provides a 9 1/2" length of pull measured fron the end of the receiver. The upper hand guard has a small bit of the finish missing on the back/rear sight side; was like that when purchased new. The stock includes both of the original screws for attaching it to the receiver. The picture tells the story - brand new condition . Any questions - please ask.

http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc91/boss5131/5L65I75Me3nc3Je3Ndc3q83e1545d9a841068_zps5dc5f463. jpg