View Full Version : WTS: Matching #s Polish UF kit w/ Original barrel- SOLD

10-04-2012, 4:59 PM
I'm selling my (11) 1981 Polish PMKMS UF Kit, All Matching #'s with Original Barrel and a AK-Builder Underfolder Rivet set & RSA FCG retaining plate.

There is one issue you will notice in the photos is that the original Polish palm swell lower handguard is not on the rifle. I borrowed it to because I sent off a few kits to Dallas Moore to be built as "Featureless" rifles. This kit does have a Romanian lower handguard on it at the moment. So this is what I will do, I can deduct $25 from the total price for you to buy another Polish lower handguard or you can receive the kit as is and I will send you the original one that came with the Kit when Dallas finishes my builds.

Payment forms accepted (USPS M.O. or a Discrete PP sent as a gift)

$550 Shipped As Is & i'll send you the Palm Swell lower hanguard when I receive it. Or $525 w/o Original Palm Swell grip sent to you