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10-02-2012, 9:59 PM
For sale is a used EOTech 557 AR223 Halographic sight. This is in excellent shape and could honestly be passed off as new, it looks flawless. Comes with the original box which is the MPO kit, but I am keeping the magnifier. Will ship for $5.10 anywhere in the United States. PM me for any other info.
Price is SOLD to saki302

Here are some specificiations on the sight:
EOTech 557.AR223 Holographic Weapon Sight is configured with a new ballistic matching reticle image for the M4 carbine. The battle tested circle/dot reticle will be offered along with a series of 1 MOA aiming dots that are vertically aligned and calibrated specifically for the ballistic drop of .223 caliber ammunition. The reticle provides 4 aiming dots for target distances of 0-300m, 400m, 500m, and 600m. This sight is similar to Eotech 552, but features the control buttons on the left side of the sight.

Buttons on left side of sight (not in back) to work specifically with NV or magnifiers.
AA battery model (supports Lithium and Alkaline)
Raised 7mm base
Vastly improved accuracy and target identification at longer distances
Ballistic matched reticle image for .223 ammunition (M4) out to 600m
Modified base designed to fit over standard hand guards.
Gen I-IV night vision compatibility - with or without 4X Magnifier (sold separately)
Meets stringent military specifications
Submersible to 33 ft water depth

CA Gun Laws Suck
10-04-2012, 7:34 AM

10-04-2012, 9:14 AM
Trades? PM sent!

CA Gun Laws Suck
10-05-2012, 12:15 PM
Still available.