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09-30-2012, 11:04 PM
I have multiple items for sale in the Clovis, Fresno area.
- SPFAR 500 hostage target from bigjohnsironworks.com It has not been shot and that is why I have it for sale. Here is a link of the description. Price is $125 ftf

-Next up is a bakelite bulgarian ak bayonet for an ak 74. I am unsure if it will fit an ak 47. Price is $25 ftf SPF

-Next up is a magpul afg2. It is in perfect condition without a mark. Price is

-SPFlast up I have two Beretta 96 10 round mags from mec-gar. They are in excellent condition and blued.. These are $20 each shipped or $15 each ftf. Here is a link http://www.mec-gar.com/Magazines/Beretta/MGPB9610

10-02-2012, 4:00 PM
Bump. Hostage target still available

10-03-2012, 3:49 PM
I'll take the hostage target.