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06-08-2007, 9:55 AM
http://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/mag_ak4740.jpgYes, the long awaited AK47 (7.62x39mm) long body mags are here! Looks cool just like a 40 rounder, but holds 10 rds. :)

These are genuine Bulgarian / Romanian steel 40 rd bodies but hold only 10rds for California @ $30 each!:eek:

COLT M4 Police/Military 1x7 upper in 5.56mm (complete w/ Colt bolt carrier group & C/MP tested parts as only Colt can do)
BUSHMASTER Gas piston M4 upper in 5.56mm (reduces gas cycling failures & cleaning of bolt)
CMMG CAS full length rifle rail, Rebar cutter / Krink flash hider upper in 5.56mm (massive looking front)
STAG ARMS 5.56mm & 6.8mm SPC uppers
ALEXANDER ARMS 50 Beowulf complete uppers (Overmatch 16" bbl w/ 7rd magazine)
LMT factory complete rifles (close to a Colt without joining up)

Other magazines for sale:
7.62x39mm 40/10 rd steel mags
5.45x39mm 30/10 rd polymer mags

5.56mm - 30/10 & 20/10 rds
6.8mm - 15/10 & 25/10 rds
9mm - RRA 25/10rd

.308 - 20/10rds

FN 5-7:
5.7x28mm - 10rds

06-09-2007, 7:28 AM
Are both the steel and the polymer mags "waffle" design? I would totally buy one of these, but I think the waffle design is incredibly ugly and would rather have a short 10 round mag in the more traditional style.

Something like this...http://www.helstongunsmiths.com/shop/images/Picture-019.jpg without the rust of course :D

If the only mags you have for sale are waffle ones, would it be possible to manufacture some that look more traditional? As I said, that's unfortunately the only situation in which I would buy one. I know at least a couple of my friends with OLLs feel the same way about the look of waffle magazines. Thank you!

06-10-2007, 12:41 PM
Steel ones are the Bulgarian / Romanian / Chinese style. The polymer ones are Waffle style.... Order direct or go to gun show and get yours!

06-11-2007, 2:55 PM
Are you going to be in SF Cow Palace at august 11 -12?
I would like to take a couple of them :28:

06-14-2007, 7:28 AM
Steel ones are the Bulgarian / Romanian / Chinese style. The polymer ones are Waffle style.... Order direct or go to gun show and get yours!

Hey the website make it seem that the only 10/40s are in waffle is this true or are there steel 40s converted to 10 also.

IF SO I want a steel one.

06-14-2007, 11:56 AM
Can we get pictures of the steel ones?

06-29-2007, 1:59 PM
Here is a picture of the synthetic 40/10 rd AK magazine:

07-05-2007, 12:08 PM
pm me info in 10/30 ak mags.

07-06-2007, 8:00 AM
:eek:SAVE UP TO $150 in taxes and FREE DROS on all LMT rifles in stock! NO TAXES till supplies run out! LEWIS MACHINE & TOOL (LMT) has supplied us with a small amount of complete rifles - never offered to the public nationwide - military only ! If you know of the Colt quality AR rifles which are military / police - LMT is their equivalent now for civillians! Try finding a complete factory rifle from LMT!

Civillians can find lower halves elsewhere and uppers direct from LMT, but NEVER a complete rifle from LMT!

These are TIER 1 - Colt quality: Magnetic particle (MP) tested parts, milspec 1x7 twist barrels, and the Monolithic Rail Platform is rare in AR circles because of the interchangeable quick release barrels! To prove genuine LMT complete factory rifles, these have the tags showing matching pair (upper & lower) with QC/QA signoffs!
Also comes with SOPMOD buttstock, ErgoGrip, 10rd fixed mag & mag lock.
Manual & sling included from LMT.
The MRP CQB model has a package of tools including a torque wrench for barrel changes...

We have the standard LMT M4 and the top of the line LMT CQB Monolithic Rail Platforms (MRP) all with 16" barrels!

Pictures of the actual units (2 of each available) :

Picture links if you can't see the images above or not logged in:
Complete factory LMT rifle pricing:
M4 $1500
CQB MRP $1845
FREE shipping to your OLL transfer FFL dealer -or- FREE TAX & DROS for instore customers!
FREE shipping to your OLL friendly dealer - email us with your city and we will have an FFL dealer who can transfer this for you.....

Check out the LMT webpage or my website for the LMT info!

The Professional
07-06-2007, 8:04 AM
Been meaning to get a complete LMT OLL...will wait for the pics.

07-06-2007, 6:08 PM
I cannot see the pics, could you post new pics or links to pics?

07-09-2007, 7:59 AM
Pictures to the LMT rifles are now posted ... If you can't see them, email me at: metroshot@gmail.com to get yours sent to you!

Ryan HBC
07-09-2007, 11:22 AM
Damn...........a complete MRP! That really put's all of my custom build plans into perspective. Do they come w/ the 2 stage trigger?

07-16-2007, 10:31 AM
These are single stage combat triggers.
Remember, LMT does not sell complete rifles to civillians so this is as good as it gets!
Get yours @ Metroshot!

08-04-2007, 6:49 AM
NO TAX SALE on ALL GUNS INSTOCK including LMT complete rifles:
Save on the sales tax 8.25% this month - while supplies last - till AUGUST 31!

08-10-2007, 7:52 AM
AK47 Steel 7.62x39mm magazines!
40/10 rd mags are in stock!
Price $30 each !

08-10-2007, 8:06 AM
Special this week:
NO TAX on any new AR15 upper in stock!
Cash and carry these - no waiting period for uppers in stock!

Choose from:
Stag 2H & 3H uppers starting at $465
Stag 5HL (lefty 6.8mm - rare) $525
CMMG Combat Assault System (CAS w/ rebar cutter flash hider) $825
Bushmaster Gas Piston (short stroke piston) 16" $1150
Colt M4 (true military upper w/ M16 bolt carrier) 100% COLT carbine magnetic particle tested (C MP marked barrel) 1x7 twist $1200.

08-10-2007, 8:12 AM
Got back in stock:
Hungarian parts kit - fully assembled AK47 off list rifle in 7.62x39mm.
This configuration or with the Monster Man Grip option you can have DETACHABLE magazines !
ITM99 receiver professionally built by SOT/Class 7 manufacturer in Idaho who uses Cerrokote finishes for the ultimate long lasting finish!
$625 - free DROS & Tax till supplies last!
That's right - $625 out the door!
Stop by this weekend!
Meets Federal CFR 27 parts quantity for US compliance!
Pistol grip is only if you permanently fix the 10rd magazine (optional service)
MonsterManGrip is optional as well!