View Full Version : Strike Industries Facebook Give away contest

09-25-2012, 5:49 PM
It's time to run our 5000 likes giveaway... Sorry for the terrible delay. We were so busy last month.

This time we will give away Glock Gen 3 buffers (check webpage for compatible models.)

Ok, here are the rules:
(1) Must like our page and reply this thread with the following format:
I use Glock XXX model and I love to try SI buffers. My email address is: xxx@xxx.com
Also, let us know what pistol collection you have!

(2) We will give away 1-3 buffers for each participant (depend on our inventory) First come, first serve.
The buffer you will get is our "lite" version of SI buffer which means its life cycle may be less than the retail package model.

(3) You have to pay $0.10 USD to our paypal. We will send Paypal payment request to you. (The reason why we charge $0.10 is because we can use Paypal's USPS shipping system which will provide you the tracking number and also save us a lot of trouble to key in your address. )

(4) You have to read the installation manual and agree all terms and conditions. The information link is here: http://strikeindustries.com/shop/manual/shock_buffer_manual.pdf