View Full Version : buffalo river gun safe from turners

09-24-2012, 12:01 AM
any one have one of these safes with the lcd display. thinking about getting one but can find any reviews and there website doesnt have a customer service #. i know that they are not top notch but are better than the ****ty stack on safes.

09-24-2012, 12:06 AM
any info would be great

09-24-2012, 12:33 AM
You looked at the mfr web site, so you already know it's Chinese made.

Seems to be distributed a lot in Australia and UK; I've never heard of the brand before, so might be relatively new in US.

09-24-2012, 9:56 AM
Pardon my ignorance, but why would a safe have an LCD display?

09-24-2012, 3:02 PM
i dont know man im just asking.

09-24-2012, 8:17 PM
i don't know anything about the safe you've asked about, but i'll give you a suggestion you may find noteworthy.

have you considered buying a used safe? i found CL to be a good place to search for a preowned safe. if you are budget limited, the secondary market can be your friend. your money can be stretched to a higher level of purchasing power by buying a used safe. there are deals that come up in the Marketplace on Calguns, as well.

good luck with your search.

09-26-2012, 7:21 AM