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09-23-2012, 12:18 PM
Hey there fellow Calgunners I'm located in Norcal / North Bay Area zip code 94558 if your local to me I can meet face to face within reasonable distances but I am also more than willing to ship said items to all members with positive itrader feedback . I'm open to ballpark offers, package deals and or trades for items I want like a Surefire flashlight & quality mount for it or a Mesa tactical magazine clamp for a Remington 870 . Feel free to make offers around my general price point or ask specific questions about items or trades - work with me and I'll work with you but pretty please no low ballers or internet window shopping meaning if your not serious with funds ready to buy please don't contact me or waste ether of our time its just counter productive no offense intended . Thanks for your time in advance take care and be safe . HatersLOVEme :turned:

Complete Springfield XD sub compact slide assembly / upper with a bunch of extra misc. back up parts included perfect for a caliber conversion for your sub compact 9MM model or to do a custom Cerakote , DuraCoat , Robar NP3 or slide polishing job without any down time or having to alter your original numbers matching slide . Never have to buy replacement parts or worry about loosing a springs or a pin again . Keep in mind I'm not a Gunsmith but I broke it down inspected and cleaned it and I don't think a lot of rounds were put through it the bore is still deep and shiny this is about as complete as a slide gets heck it even still has the factory sights intact its ready to rock . Pm me if you need anymore pics of it . Pretty rare item I've never seen one listed for sale and couldn't even find one listed for a general price comparison any where so don't miss out . :no:

Figured that a used Springfield XD goes for about 500$ so my price for everything shipped to your door step is 50% / half that : 250$ OBO .


Ruger 10/22 package deal :

1 Ruger Factory 10 round 10/22 magazine never loaded brand new .

1 Ruger Factory 10/22 optics receiver rail with screws brand new .

1 Used After Market Heavy Duty 10/22 charging handle .

My price shipped to your door step is : 60$ OBO .


I also have two used SKS part kits that are up for grabs they both contain the following parts listed below - next to them is the retail price from a online vendor ( Buymilsurp.com ) even though most these items are out of stock and getting harder to find / couldn't even be found on e-bay I figured its decent base pricing to start from even more so if I knock 50% off of those prices ! :yes:

Gas tube and cover 75.00$

Bolt assembly 89.99$

Trigger group 89.99$

Bolt carrier 29.00$

Receiver cover 29.99$

Recoil spring assembly 20.00$

For a grand total retail price of 333.97$ .

Minus 1/2 ( 50% ) breaks down to 166.98$ per kit .

My price shipped to your door for EACH parts kit is : 175$ OBO .



Kydex Holsters for model Glock 17 and Glock 22 Blackhawk and Safariland ( G19 & G23 will fit also ) these are all used to varying conditions I will include a free used Bianchi Accumold black Nylon double mag pouch with each holster you buy or until I run out of them I also have duty / gun belts to go along with them if your interested in a package deal or any other duty gear like Tactical vests or Tactical thigh holsters I have a bunch of stuff .

For the Blackhawk and the Safariland Glock holsters shipped to your door : 40$ and 50$ OBO .


Kydex Safariland holsters for Sig Sauer P228 P229 P226R P229R & P229R with light these are all used to varying conditions and I'll offer the same deal I offer with the Glock holsters I will include a free used Bianchi Accumold black Nylon double mag pouch with each holster you buy or until I run out I also have duty / gun belts if you want a complete set up and a lot of other duty gear available like tactical vests or thigh holsters and pepper spray holsters hit me up for package / multiple item deals for even better prices .

For the Safariland Sig Sauer holsters shipped to your door : 50$ OBO .


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09-24-2012, 2:17 PM
Here is more detailed pics of the XD 40 Sub Compact Slide Assembly please make me a offer before it goes on Gunbroker ! :shifty:


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09-25-2012, 8:23 PM
I also have a couple knifes I'm putting up for grabs : Fury Fist Knife with Sheath 20$ OBO . shipped & Gerber Tanto 50$ OBO . shipped .


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