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glock 357
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glock 357
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That Bushmaster you're showing is not Service Rifle competition legal. It does not meet the dimensional requirements to shoot as a Service Rifle per CMP rules. If you shoot in a NRA match, you'll be classified as a Match Rifle. You will not be able to shoot it in any Service Rifle matches like Leg Matches.

Are you referring to the barrel length? Any suggestions on a decent starter upper?

I'm assuming you want to get involved in the CMP type matches shooting an AR-15 service rifle.

Rule 6.2.3 of the CMP rulebook (http://www.odcmp.com/Competitions/Rulebook.pdf) defines the AR-15 service rifle. Basically it must look exactly like a M16A2 or M16A4, meaning 20" barrel, 12" gas system, A2 handguards, A2 stock, fixed or detachable carry handle with A2 sights, fixed front sight mount and A2 grip. Any deviation from the M16 appearance will disqualify you from Service Rifle catagory. There are some minor exceptions that are specified in the rulebook, including the use of free floating handguard tube (under the A2 handguard) or a A4 full length quad rail, hooded rear sight, A1 stock, bullet button, lack of a flash suppressor, and a match trigger (weight must be at least 4.5lbs). If you just want to get started, you can use something like a Stag 4H upper or RRA standard A4 or A2 upper.


If you really want to get into match shooting, then you should spring for a few essential match upgrades including a match barrel for accuracy and 1/7 or 1/8 twist to accomodate the heavier bullets need to shoot out to 600yds, free float handguard and match sights. One of the easiest approaches is to get an off-the-shelf RRA NM upper. Of course, get the A2 version, not the A4 version, so that there is one less thing to work loose and ruin accuracy.


You may also be interested in a recent WTS for an Amalite NM AR-15, but it is way over priced (search ArmaLite HiPower Service).