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09-22-2012, 10:01 PM
ART/MPC 3x9 sniper scope Serial # 000776. This is new old stock and is in very good condition with no screws missing from the adjustment rings. It has an original Weaver rings and base, but no manual. *I purchased this from an estate sale thinking I could mount it on my Remington 700, but I think there is a far better use for this scope, so its up for sale. On the web I found out that this scope was designed by Jim Leatherwood, the famous designer/creator of the ART I and ART II sniper scopes used in Southeast Asia to enable a sniper with only moderate training to accurately shoot out to 800 meters without running through all the calculations and compensations to manually adjust for the ballsitics of the load being fired. Jim Leatherwood created the ART / MPC after the ART II, taking the knowledge learned with the military applications of his Auto-Ranging-Sniper scopes, and applying them in the design and productions of an Auto-Ranging scope for non-warfare. $450.00. Shipping is extra.