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07-02-2007, 8:01 PM
Well I posted earlier on someone's thread about getting a Knoxx kit from him. I was talking about this at work and a guy who works me me said, "I have a couple of those kits". I didn't believe him, but sure enough he shows up the next day with four of them and 12 6rd box magazines in his trunk.

everything is new in box.

he wanted $550 for a kit and three magazines ($325 for the kit, $75 per magazine).

He then said that if I bought all four sets off of him he'd do $500 for each. apparently he's had them for a few years and given up on building them.

anyway, if anyone wants to get in on this with me let em know. I am in Van Nuys and if you want in you email me and post here. $500 includes shipping within CA and insurance as well.

This is a bit unorthodox I know, but it's a screaming deal especially since the kits go for ridiculous amounts on ebay. even retail when they were still being made put the kits at about $275 (IIRC) and the magazines were $75 each. That's how much I saw them going for at Code 3 (I think that was the name) in San Gabriel a couple years ago. So this is pretty much at the old retail price.

In terms of credibility... let's see..

I am "duenor" on ebay with 625+ positives since 1998
I am "sigslipper" on gunbroker with 99+ since 200?
I am "silverlance" on Auctionarms with 30+ since 200?
I am a THR senior member

And, if you want to you can come to my house to bring the money order so you know I won't dissapear with it.

Finally, since I'm not making money on this, if you decide to back out even after you send in a money order, no problem, I'll do refunds all the way up to the point where I give the colleague the money and he gives me the kits.

I will need 3 buyers along with myself to get all four. Once again, for $500.00 you will get:

Knoxx Sidewinder detachable-magazine kit for Mossberg 500, 590, Crusier, Persuader, Special Purpose, et al (comes with one 6rnd box magazine)
3x (three) Knoxx Sidewinder 6rnd detachable magazines for the 2 3/4" 12 gauge shotgun shell
Shipping within CA

link to product: http://www.knoxx.com/NewStyleKnoxx/Products/SideWinder.htm


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The Professional
07-02-2007, 8:07 PM
How easy is it to install?

07-02-2007, 8:12 PM
I don't know. I haven't bought mine yet, hoping for 3 others to join me. From what I've read here on calguns it seems pretty easy and pretty reliable.

07-07-2007, 2:59 AM
so, nobody interested in this? huh! i thought this would be a big hit here at calguns considering that it is pretty much the only magazine fed shotgun solution available to use here in CA.

oh well. if anyone is interested let me know by sunday, that's when im going to go pay for it.