View Full Version : Survival Podcast interviews Michael Adam of The Appleseed Project

09-21-2012, 9:46 PM
Thought you guys might like to hear this


Today Michale Adam of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association and the Appleseed project joins us to discuss being a rifleman and concepts like history, honor and duty.

Join us today as we discuss…

■What is the RWVA and what is Appleseed
■What is the difference between a rifleman and a guy with a rifle
■Why is mastering a rifle important
■Why is history a part of being a rifleman in America today
■What can you expect at an Appleseed shoot
■Why are so many women and young people jumping on board with Appleseed
■How Appleseed ensures safety at their shoots
■What it takes to be and Appleseed Instructor
■How marksmanship creates a unique type of accountability
■How can you learn more about Appleseed