View Full Version : Help me decide... Leupold VX-6 1-6 Multigun or USOptics SN-4S Lund reticle?

trigger hippie
09-21-2012, 1:12 PM
So I have the opportunity to pick up the VX-6 limited edition at $825 used. Looks like a pretty clean deal. On the other hand, I can also potentially pick up the US Optics SN-4S for $1000 used. Lund reticle (also called HPDT).

I'm torn.

This is going on an 18" SPR build, by the way. I tried the holo sight/magnifier route and concluded it wasn't for me. Usage conditions envisioned as being, well, multi-gun. This ain't no F-class Tactical rig.

I shoot matches mostly at the Richmond Rod & Gun club, where it can be fairly bright during mid-day, as well as at Chabot, so a daylight-visible reflex-type sight is important to me. I'm coming from a fair bit of training using an Eotech EXPS3-4, so the circle reticle on the USO is nice and familiar seeming to me. On the other hand, when I shoot distance, I've been using a 4-16x mil-rad scope, so I kind of feel... lost... without general purpose mil/moa markers.

VX-6 pluses:
- Cheaper (by $175)
- More magnification
- Aimpoint-style, highly visible dot
- Excellent lead-free, blackened-edge glass
- Lighter than the USO SN-4S
- Crosshairs extend all the way to the edges of the glass making a more "instinctual" seeming sight picture for longer-range shooting (for me).
- Decent resale value - these are limited editions by Leupold's custom shop, and at least somewhat hard for me to find.

VX-6 minuses:
- 2.5 mil hash marks? What the heck? What if my holdover is 4.2 mil or some other weird non-scalar number...
- Build quality is excellent but USO/NF/Premier scopes are in a whole 'nother category for build quality and general bullet-proof-ness...
- Crosshairs are slightly fine with a fine duplex - these aren't the big beefy lines that the SWFA's seem to have, for instance.

USO pluses:
- Amazing USO glass and clarity, built like a tank
- High FOV at 100 yds at 1x (over 100 ft)
- BDC reticle designed specifically for 69/77gr ammo, which is basically all I ever shoot
- Familiar Eotech-style circle reticle for higher-speed up-close shooting
- Potentially better resale value (these go new for $1500ish, figure I should be able to at least break even if I really don't like the scope)

USO minuses:
- More expensive
- Heavier than the VX-6 (I'm already toting around a fairly heavy gun...)
- Reticle not as suited for precision long-range shooting (at least it seems to me); range-finding features specific to E-type silhouette targets, not as useful for general handload testing/precision shooting.

I have a few days to make up my mind. What's the Calguns hivemind think?

09-21-2012, 1:27 PM
1-6x scopes are the way everyone seems to be going, you'll upgrade the USO within a year if you get it. It's a great price but I just don't see the point anymore.


trigger hippie
09-21-2012, 1:40 PM

OK, clean tear.

Yeah, I'm doing the VX-6.

Stay tuned for glamour pics once it arrives...

09-21-2012, 1:52 PM
That VX-6 is perfect except they screwed the reticle. They dubbed it the multigun scope and I bet they didn't even talk to a multi gunner about it.

trigger hippie
09-21-2012, 2:20 PM
That VX-6 is perfect except they screwed the reticle. They dubbed it the multigun scope and I bet they didn't even talk to a multi gunner about it.

Yes, I know! The 2.5 mil marks are weird. Why 2.5?

20" (torso width) is 2.5 mils at... 222.2 yards
A 40" tall E-type silhouette is 2.5 mils at... 444.4 yards

These do not seem like particularly helpful numbers.

I shoot 77 gr SMK's, assuming around 2750 fps muzzle velocity, and a 200 yard zero, I get:

+3.6 100 yards
0.0 200 yards
-0.7 300 yards
-2.5 475 yards (500 yards is -2.9)
-5.0 650 yards
-7.5 somewhere between 775 and 800 yards

On the other hand at least there's *some* general purpose grid there. There's no telling how my ammo might come out on a BDC reticle like the HPDT... and since I like tinkering with ammo, regular mil markings and higher magnification helps a lot.

edit: however,
18" shoulder = 2.5 mils at 400 yards
36" upper torso (avg. is 3.2 I think?) = 5.0 mils at 200 yards

Perhaps this is for ranging skinny people :)

09-21-2012, 2:58 PM
So, you have a reticule that's good for 200y and then 475y. Good job, Leupold. :)
I have a 3-gun buddy who got a press pass to the Leupold facility and when he asked around about the VX-6 specs, he said they didn't know what they were talking about. Maybe their custom shop can fix their VX-6s to be actually helpful.

09-21-2012, 4:05 PM
I think the uso has a better reticle, and better glass, but in all honesty I would be happy with either